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Waterlily and Cattails, Fenton

Manufacturer: Fenton
Year(s) of Production: [infobar select=”DISTINCT yearofmanufacture” mfg=”Fenton” pattern=”Waterlily and Cattails”]
Pattern Description: [infobar select=”DISTINCT patterndescription” mfg=”Fenton” pattern=”Waterlily and Cattails”]
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About Waterlily and Cattails

According to Diane Fry’s website Carnival Glass 101, Waterlily and Cattails was the first iridized pattern by Fenton. They made it in a lot of shapes and only in marigold. It is also the exterior pattern for the Thistle banana boat. Fenton’s pitcher has a collar base.
Northwood also made a water set (see pitchers-wc).
Both Northwood and Dugan also made tumblers (see tumblers-wc).

The reported shapes include:

Berry Sets (including large bowls and sauces) (see bset-wc)
Bonbons (see bonbon-wc)
Plates (see plate-wc)
Table Sets  (including Butter Dish/Creamer/Spooner/Sugar) (see tset-wc)
Vase (see vase-wc)
Water Sets (including Pitcher/Tumbler) (see waterset-fenwc)
• Whimsies (see whimsey-wc)

HoC Pricing Database

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Waterlily and Cattails Pitcher difference:
Waterlily and Cattails Tumbler difference:
Waterlily and Cattails Berrysets (include Large bowls & sauces):
Waterlily and Cattails Bonbons:
Waterlily and Cattails Plates:
Waterlily and Cattails Tablesets (include Butter,Creamer,Spooner,Sugar):
Waterlily and Cattails Vases:
Waterlily and Cattails Watersets (include Pitcher & tumblers):
Waterlily and Cattails Whimseys: