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About Hooked on Carnival

Our Vision

We will change the way you think about carnival glass. We provide our subscribers with the best information, through education, newsletters and the most up-to-date pricing available. Our smart, searchable website is easy to navigate and has everything the carnival glass enthusiast will need. We are constantly focusing on innovating, and our strong code of ethics means that we will provide you with honest information without compromise.

Our Guiding Principles/Code of Ethics

We are many things: responsible, resourceful, reliable, prompt, agile, efficient, proactive, communicative, available, professional, industrious and innovative. We feel a strong responsibility to maintain an honest, trustworthy and transparent relationship with our members.

Integrity: Let values guide your actions in all cases.  Avoid speaking against yourself, blaming self, blaming others, and gossiping about others.  If something seems wrong, it should be addressed directly.  Speak up if you are aware of violations in the code (even if it were you who made the violation). Never benefit from inside information.

Don’t Take Things Personally:  Others do not take actions because of you.  What others do and say is a projection of how they see their world around them.

Don’t Make Assumptions: Find the courage to ask questions and to share what you really want.  Clearly communicate to avoid misunderstandings or added drama.

Always Do Your Best:  Treat every person with respect and treat people fairly. Under any circumstances always truly do your best, and you will avoid self judgment, self blame, and regret.  By applying these four principles to risk management or alternative dispute resolution the parties can take the high road, reduce stress on themselves, and increase the probability of success by focusing on the issues and not the people.