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Trumpet, Central

Manufacturer: Central
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About Trumpet

This pattern is reported in two size: Tall are 9 1/4″ with a base size of 4 3/8″ The short are 7″ and a base size of 4″. It appears that Central was the first company to introduce the satin finish to its candlesticks, according to Diane Fry’s website Carnival Glass 101. These candlesticks were paired up with a bowl to create a console set. The short Trumpet candlesticks have a rounded indentation in the base and a tall cup height with 2 rings below the cup (Northwood has a flattened indentation and Vineland’s version is more pointed). The tall Trumpet candlesticks have a pointed indentation in the base (Diamond is rounded) and no mold seam at the base.

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