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Trumpet Candlestick ID

Ah, those confusing Trumpet vases – why did so many companies have to make the same shape?

Well, thankfully we have people who have taken the time to put together information (FREE) that we can use to figure out who did what – thank you Dave Shetlar for these amazing tools (you can get help with any confusing candlestick right here Stretch Glass Candlestick ID). You can even print it out so you have it in your hand.
Pictured above are 3 short (approximately 7″) candlesticks by the 3 different companies (Central, Northwood and Vineland), and here is the sheet you can use to figure them out!

And if you happen to have some tall Trumpet candlesticks, this should help identify them. The candlesticks pictured below are approximately 9″ tall.

The challenge is on! Which Trumpet candlesticks do YOU have??