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Trumpet/#719, Northwood

Manufacturer: Northwood
Year(s) of Production: 1916-1925, , Early 1920's
Pattern Description: Candlesticks with a trumpet like base. Has a vertical rib just below the candle holder., , Candlestick with a round base tapers up to the top candle holder.
Similar Patterns: Trumpet by Northwood, Diamond and Vineland, Trumpet by Central, Diamond and Vineland
About Trumpet/#719

Made as part of the Stretch Glass line, Northwood pattern #719 is similar to some made by other companies. Of all the Trumpet patterns, these candlesticks are the shortest. They come in one size and are about 6 1/2″-7 1/8″ high with a base size about 3 7/8″- 4″. They have a short cup and 2 rings under the cup (a wide and a narrow). The cavity underneath flattens out inside (is not rounded like Central or pointed like Vineland). These were not made originally to be a part of any console set but could be put with some of the larger Northwood stretch bowls.

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