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Orange Tree, Fenton

Manufacturer: Fenton
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About Orange Tree

Orange Tree pattern consists of large leafy trees with round fruit interspersed (presumably oranges!); many shapes have bands above or below the trees with a scale pattern.
This pattern is pictured in the mid-Spring 1912 Butler Bros Catalog and was advertised thru 1929.

Fenton made Orange Tree in both an amazing number of shapes and colors. There are also some interesting whimsies and variants in the Orange Tree pattern.

The reported shapes include:

Bowls (see standard-orangetree)
Berry Sets (generally square toed, including large bowls and sauces) (see berryset-orangetree)
Breakfast Sets & Table Sets  (including Butter Dish/Creamer/Spooner/Sugar) (see bset-tset-orangetree)
Candy Dishes, Nut Bowls & Rose Bowls – aka Fenton’s Flowers (twig footed) (see candy-nut-rose-orangetree)
Centerpiece Bowls, Fruit Bowls (scroll footed) (see centerfruitbowls-orangetree)
Compotes (made from the wine glass) (see compote-orangetree)
Hatpin Holders (square toed) (see hatpinholder-orangetree)
Loving Cups (see lovingcups-orangetree)
Mugs (Shaving & Standard) (see mugs-orangetree)
Pin Trays (see pintrays-orangetree)
Plates (see standard-orangetree)
Powder Jars (covered) (see powderjars-orangetree)
Punch Bowl Sets (including Punch Bowl Top/Bottom/Cup) (see punchbowlsets-orangetree)
Sherbets (see sherbets-orangetree)
Water Sets (including Pitcher/Tumbler) (see watersets-orangetree)
– Pitchers and Tumblers Variant (see variant-p-t-orangetree)
• Whimsies (see whimsies-orangetree)
Wines (see wine-orangetree) Wine Variant (see variant-wine-orangetree)

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Orange Tree  standard sized bowls and plates:
Orange Tree berry sets:
Orange Tree Breakfast Set pieces are: Table Set pieces are:
Orange Tree Candy Dishes, Nut Bowls & Rose Bowls: All are:
Orange Tree Centerpiece & Fruit Bowls
Orange Tree Compotes:
Orange Tree Hatpin Holders:
Orange Tree Loving Cups:
Orange Tree Standard & Shaving mugs:
Orange Tree Pin Trays:
Orange Tree Powder Jars (covered):
Orange Tree Punch Bowls, Punch Bowl Sets, Cups:
Orange Tree Sherbets (stemmed):
Orange Tree Pitchers, Water Sets, Tumblers:
Orange Tree Pitcher and Tumbler Variant:
Orange Tree Whimsies: The photo shows some of the different whimsies that were made in this pattern:
Orange Tree Wines:
Orange Tree wine and wine Variant: