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2021.09.28 Tuesday Stretch

Cal here for Stretch Tuesday. US Glass used line numbers for most of their stretch glass – probably all of their stretch glass, if we had access to their catalogs, but we don’t, so we only know of the numbers for some of their stretch glass lines. The line numbers we know are 151, 179, 310, 314, 315 and 8076. There is another line which is similar to 310 and 314 for which we have not yet discovered the number, so we call those pieces “6 sets of optic rays and points,” which is a number in itself.

I’ll show a couple examples of three lines tonight (and the rest another night) to illustrate the characteristics.

Line 151

Wide based candleholders, often referred to as “Mae West”

Flared candleholders

Footed Vase (known with cupped, flat and flared tops)

Line 179

Shallow cupped bowl with interior panels (in Pearl Grey Slag)

Comports, low footed and high footed

Line 310 (this is an extensive line of accessories and includes individual plates)

Center handled server

Bowl with open work, flared, flat rim

Comport, high footed

Plate, 8.5” diameter

Vase, hat shape

Vase, open work, flared, cupped