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2021.03.23 Tuesday Stretch

Hi everyone, Cal here. Happy spring to all. Here in PA all sorts of spring flowers are popping out of the gardens. It is exciting because this is our first spring here and so we are seeing what the former owners left ‘in the ground’ for us. So far we are quite pleased. We know there are beautiful summer flowers coming as we saw them when we looked at the house last July.

Early period stretch glass doesn’t have much in the way of spring flowers molded into the glass; that is one of the big differences between stretch glass and carnival glass. But late period stretch glass gives us lots of examples with flowers because Fenton was more inclined to put designs, including flowers, in their late period molds (many of which were older molds being used in the late period). So, for this Tuesday stretch, I will focus on the late period stretch glass. All of the item were made by Fenton. Many are in colors which were new in the late period although the early period Velva Rose and Ruby were used extensively during the late period as well.

Ok, let’s take a look. I’m going to keep the commentary short because I believe most of these examples speak for themselves and I know everyone loves looking at pictures more than reading whatever words of wisdom I might have to offer. So, enjoy these photos.