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2020.07.07 Tuesday Stretch

Hope you had a good Fourth of July with proper distancing and safety! BugDoc Dave here with the July 2020 first Tuesday Stretch of the month. Well, Brian finally did it with a pattern (theme) that is exclusive to the carnival glass makers – Grape and Cable. In short, there are no classic stretch glass pieces with Grape and Cable patterns as stretch glass isn’t supposed to have complicated patterns! But, I’ll do my best! First, there are several pieces of Grape and Cable with the stretch effect. I have only one image of such a piece that one of our members brought to our convention. It’s a nice Celeste Blue three-footed nappy:

I’d love to own such an excellent piece, but, alas, it’s beyond my means! So, that’s it! Huum….Well, not quite! I can get close. Fenton decorated many of their stretch glass pieces with grapes and vines, so if we leave off the “cable,” I can show you some nice pieces! The first ones are Fenton’s #9 candy jars. Many are decorated with a cut grape pattern. The first example is in Florentine Green:

And one in Persian Pearl (notice the grapes are larger):

And one in Celeste Blue (with small grapes again):

Fenton also applied a grape cutting to many of their Grecian Gold pitcher and tumbler sets, but I’ll let Cal show you more of those later this month. However, here is a taste of what he’ll show you: