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2020.06.02 Tuesday Stretch

I see some one of my roses has begun to bloom outside and Brian has chosen roses as our theme for June. BugDoc Dave here with my first of the month Tuesday Stretch article! My first thought was that this would be easy with Fenton’s Velva Rose being one of the more common pink stretch colors, but that seems to cheat. Again, with stretch glass not having patterns or only simple patterns, I don’t remember seeing any early period stretch glass with a rose pattern, either impressed in the glass or as a cutting! However, Fenton’s late period stretch glass (what some call modern or recent production) did have roses. Most famous of these was produced when Fenton purchased some old U.S. Glass molds with rose patterns. This is most commonly called Dusty Rose pattern. Fenton pressed a candleholder and a bowl with this pattern. Sets in Velva Rose are fairly obtainable:

However, the sets in Velva Blue are a bit tougher to obtain:

Most of these sets have really nice stretch effect.

While Imperial did a lot of flower cuttings on their servers and mayonnaise plate, I can’t seem to find one that I could interpret as being a rose. However, they did apply a decal decoration to some of their pieces and one of the decals is definitely a rose. Here is a mayo set with this decal:

Here is the heart-handled server with the same decal (btw, these are Iris Ice stretch pieces):

And here is another Imperial rose design, but this one is in a gold paint, though it may be a decal of some sort (a marigold on pink stretch):

Well, that’s all I have unless you want to see a big bunch of Fenton’s Velva Rose! But, I’ll leave that to Cal for later this month.