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2020.05.05 Tuesday Stretch


BugDoc Dave here with a Cinco de Mayo first Tuesday Stretch article! Brian occasionally presents real challenges for us stretch glass collectors. While “stars” of all sorts are common patterns in carnival glass, stretch glass isn’t supposed to have any patterns. Ouch! I couldn’t even find any cuttings that looked like stars other than some of the Imperial floral designs. One that comes close is the circle of daisy cuts separated by two ball-shaped cuttings. Here is a server with this cutting in Imperial’s blue ice which we generally call smoke today.

But, then I realized that we often identify some of the stretch pieces by the presence of a star-shaped pattern impressed into the base. In fact, we often call these star-based items! Diamond use a small star-shape for one of their bowls. Here is an 8-inch, blue bowl with the star in the base.

Of course, if the workers flattened down the bowl, they would have a plate. Here is a green example. Notice that both the bowl and plate are “stuck-up”pieces which means that the base was ground flat.

Imperial occasionally impressed a star into the base of some of their bowls and plates. Here is an example of an amber cheese plate with an impressed star.

Finally, some of the U.S. Glass #310 plates have an impressed star in the base. Here is a pink example.