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2020.01.28 Tuesday Stretch

BugDoc Dave here. I can’t let this month fly by without presenting a few mystery pieces, some stretch and some not. My first ones are some additional candleholders that I can’t get a positive ID on. The first pair look a bit like some U.S. Glass pieces, but several companies made this simple design. These were obviously swung and they ended up quite different in length.

A single candle holder that is similar has also shown up in Topaz (Vaseline), but this one hasn’t been swung.

My next item is an 8-inch plate that is in a distinctive opalescent effect and nice stretch. It has a ground base and is very close to some Fenton and Northwood plates, but just a little different. Right now, I’m leaning towards being an aberrant Fenton plate, but I also know that U.S. Glass made a few ground base plates! Huum!?

My last one is a Fenton #9 candy jar, but this has a decoration that I don’t normally associate with Fenton! It is an overall glue-chip treatment which a pale cold-applied iridescence. I found this in Florida over the Holidays and the price was right for me to pick it up. Fenton isn’t known for using the glue-chip method with produces the random frost-like look in the glass. So, I suspect that a secondary decorating company did the decoration as it is very professionally done. Enjoy!