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2019.11.26 Tuesday Stretch

Cal here. Thanks for your comments on the smokey stretch glass you have seen so far this month. I thought I would share some additional items with you tonight.

First up is a vase which has cuttings on it. It is very thin glass and quite delicate and unusual.

Then we have 2 shapes of the ‘Grecian’ vase, the flared and the JIP.

There are other shapes in which this vase has been found. Here is the wide panels finger bowl or flat mayo. There is a plate to go with this, but I am not finding a photo of it.

Imperial made several shapes with a spiral design in the mold. Here is the Cheese & cracker…

..the mayo and underplate..

…and the candy jar & cover.

Sometimes smoke pieces were decorated with cuttings; smoke shows the cuttings as well as any of the colors made by Imperial. Here is the footed mayo and the underplate. Note that both have the cuttings.

A less common item is the “Christmas Candle Bowl,” a creative item which Imperial offered in several colors, including smoke.

Imperial also produced a basket shown here.

Finally I will share a couple of Dave’s images which really highlight the iridescence on Blue Ice stretch glass. These photos show the definition of ‘stretch affect.’

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and thanks for sharing your smokey stretch glass with us as we share ours with you.