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2019.06.25 Tuesday Stretch

Cal here. Thanks for your interest in stretch glass and being willing to read and look at what Dave and I share with you a couple times a month on Tuesday Stretch. We are happy to share and happier with the reactions we have received from many of you. About this time of year we like to ‘formally’ extend an invitation to our HOC family to join us for our annual SGS Convention. We will gather in Marietta, OH, on July 24-26, 2019. We have several interesting activities at this year’s convention, in addition to lots of beautiful stretch glass and a fun Burns Auction to wrap things up. One of the more unique programs will be an opportunity to design a live floral arrangement in your stretch glass vase with the help of Master Florist, Bob Henkel. Bob showed us how he designs in his stretch glass last year and this year he will help anyone who desires to design in their vase. The floral arrangements will be the center pieces for our Thursday night banquet and then the members get to take them home. The SGS provides the flowers, so there is no cost involved.

We will have a seminar on distinguishing US Glass lines 310 & 314 as well as “Rays & Points”, a line for which we do not know the number.

All three of these lines share common characteristics and they are often confused. Hopefully this seminar will help clarify the characteristics of each line.

There will also be a seminar on Etchings and Cuttings on stretch glass and a discussion of our Club Display of Bedroom and Bath stretch glass items.

The Club Display brings together items from many members’ collections and always produces a breath-taking array of stretch glass. This year will be no exception. I’ve seen the list of the items to be displayed and you have never seen nor will you ever see again as complete of a display of these items – colognes, bath salts jars, powder puffs, guest sets, tumble-ups and more – as we will present. It will be like going into a high-end retailer in 1928 and being able to choose the items and the colors that go with your décor. Members will also present individual table displays of stretch glass and Tom and Debra Burns will present an auction including stretch glass, Fenton glass and other period glass. Check out the photos on our website or on Burns Our dinner speaker on Thursday will be Tom Foozer from The Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc discussing the changing form of Vaseline Glass.

On behalf of everyone in The Stretch Glass Society, I extend a hearty welcome to our HOC family to join us for our convention. Come for a day or come for the whole event.

I have one other invitation for you – The Stretch Glass Society has a special membership offer for you if you join through our website: for $20 your membership will be active for the remainder of 2019 and all of 2020, giving you 18 months for about the same price as a 1 year membership. Please visit to take advantage of this offer. Among the benefits of membership are our colorful, information packed SGS Quarterly with tons of articles and photos of stretch glass, free stretch glass ID, access to late period Fenton catalogs (there is carnival glass in them as well) and much more. We would be pleased to have you join our family of stretch glass enthusiasts and be in the know about what’s happening in between our Tuesday Stretch articles.