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2019.02.05 Tuesday Stretch

Huum?!! LOVE!? BugDoc Dave here with my Tuesday Stretch for February. Since stretch glass has so few patterns, I’m kind pf at a loss. Frankly, I LOVE most of my stretch glass, but there are definitely some pieces that “love” more than others. LOL! After thinking about this topic a bit, I realized that our Stretch Glass Society club theme this year is Bath and Bedroom items which certainly sounds like a “love situation” to me! We hope to accumulate another fantastic exhibit of the colognes, bath jars, puff jars, pin trays and guest sets for our July meeting. However, we’ll do the smoking items at another time. Tonight, I’d like to show you some of the pieces that I expect to bring. Fenton made most of the bath items while Northwood also made some guest sets. My first set is a set of bath jars in Celeste Blue on a tray (tray is also iridized). Since these items weren’t reshaped after doping, they rarely have true stretch marks, but they were placed in Fenton’s stretch line at the time they were made. The narrow top jars are #16 and the wide-mouth jar is #17. They are blown molded and very delicate.

Fenton’s tallest cologne is their #55 which comes with several dauber tops. This one in Wistaria (sic) has the round stopper or mushroom-top.

Here’s an example of a Florentine Green one with the “pagoda” topper and one with the molded flower top. The flower-topped pieces are really difficult to obtain!

Fenton’s smaller colognes are the #53 (has a diamond optic interior) and #54 (has no optic design). These come in most of the common Fenton stretch colors. The #53 is in Velva Rose and the #54 is in Tangerine.

Fenton also made some “squatty” colognes and a bath salts jar. The shortest one is the #59. This usually comes with a “nipple” top, but pagoda tops and flower tops are known. Here’s a Celeste Blue one.

The #56 cologne usually has the nipple top, but can also have other style tops. The #60 bath salts jar always has a flat pagoda-style stopper. Here are some examples in Grecian Gold and Wistaria.

Here are the puff boxes (jars) that match the #53 & #54 colognes, one in Velva Rose and the other in Florentine Green.

A really difficult cologne to get is the #1502, diamond optic one. These are known in several colors, but only the Celeste Blue one is iridized!

And, Fenton made several sizes of puff boxes (jars). The smallest one is this little 3-inch wide version. It always has a pagoda top. This one is in Wistaria, but Florentine Green and Celeste Blue ones are known.

The next larger one (#57) is 3.5-inches wide and has a little ring under the pagoda top. Here is one in Topaz with hand-painted decoration which probably isn’t factory applied.

The largest, stemmed puff box is the #743 which is 5-inches in diameter. Here’s a Celeste Blue example.

My final image isn’t of a bath set, but this #1676 bowl with its insert just says “love” to me!! This is an original Fenton piece in Velva Rose. Enjoy!