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2019.01.29 Tuesday Stretch

I hate to let the topic of big and little examples pass, so I’m going to do a second Tuesday Stretch for January! BugDoc Dave here with some Photoshopped images of several groups. I realized that because of the format of this evening mailing it’s nearly impossible for you to see the relative sizes of stretch glass items unless they are side-by-side. When I shoot my glass, I save the original image, but make smaller versions that use a standard size according to the original size of the piece. I’ve pasted these items together with that standard size. My first images are of the large, 15 3/4-inch wide Diamond bowl with the Fenton #109, 3 3/4-inch wide bowl.

For my big and small “comport” or footed bowls, I’ve selected a Diamond #900 (Adam’s Rib) 11-inch diameter piece and a Fenton #923 salt that is just under 3 inches wide.

Speaking of comports, here’s a grouping of Imperial’s #600 line comports and sherbets. The biggest one is 11 1/2-inch wide and the little sherbet is 4 1/4-inch wide.

How about the large and small spittoons? Both of these are Fenton’s in their Persian Pearl. Most spittoon collectors call the big one just a spittoon and the smaller one (made out of a #109 bowl) as being an individual spittoon or lady’s spittoon.

How about plates? Here is the Fenton #604 punch bowl flattened down into a 16-in diameter plate! Next to it is the smallest plate that I have, a little U.S. Glass 4 3/4-inch plate with black enamel decoration.

Here are two fan vases, a Fenton melon rib fan vase in Aquamarine and a fan vase made out of a cologne base (a one of a kind).

And here is a whopping 16-inch tall Imperial wide panel vase in Blue Ice (smoke) with the little Fenton vase. Quite a difference in size I’d say!

And, here’s a collection of the Imperial wide panel vases in ruby stretch. Tough set to accumulate in any color!

Finally, here’s my tallest and shortest candleholders. The Northwood #651 candleholders are 11-inches tall and the small Fenton #314 candleholders are only 1 3/4-inches tall.