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2018.12.18 Tuesday Stretch

Cal here wishing Happy Holidays to everyone. Like you, we are all in for the holidays at our home in North Carolina. We recently acquired a Dept. 56 Dickens Village with about 100 houses and buildings so that is “new” at our home this year.

With 20 Christmas trees ranging in height from about 12” to 10’, there are a lot of lights and shiny ornaments brightening up our home. Our neighborhood florist was in last week to arrange fresh flowers in several of our vases, including a few stretch glass ones. My favorite is this arrangement in “big red,” a 17” tall Imperial Smooth Panels vase.

While the vase is not very visible in the photo, our guests and we are able to see it quite well. We also had her do an arrangement in this tall, swung Tangerine vase (I don’t have a tall, swung vase in Ruby, so the Tangerine one had to do).

On the piano, she arranged in an Imperial Jewels vase…

…and in another area of the house we added some greens and carnations to two Florentine Green swung vases.

On the dining room table we incorporated a splash of red by placing red roses in Persian Pearl candleholders.

During our holiday open house this past weekend, all the goodies were served on Iris Ice, Persian Pearl, Crystal and Pearl stretch glass servers.

We had lots of questions about our stretch glass giving us ample opportunity to explain and promote stretch glass. Hopefully a few folks were intrigued enough that they will come back for another visit and more info. I hope you are having an opportunity to incorporate your iridized glass into your holiday celebrations. My next Tuesday Stretch will be in 2019, so I will take this opportunity to say “Happy New Year” – let’s hope it is a good one for all of us.