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2018.10.16 Tuesday Stretch

Cal here with some stretch glass on Tuesday night. I’m going to stay with the marigold theme and show you some marigold and Grecian Gold (as Fenton called it) stretch glass. Quite a few of the stretch glass companies made some version of marigold stretch glass. Marigold is not a highly desired color of stretch glass for many collectors because it does not ‘stretch’ well. That is to say that marigold stretch glass does not generally exhibit good stretching in the iridescence. As such, it looks very much like Carnival glass. This doesn’t both me, but for some of the members of the SGS they are focused on the stretch affect and when they don’t find it on the marigold pieces, they lose interest quickly. If one is persistent, quite a few of the stretch glass shapes can be found in marigold. A few of them actually do have nice stretch affect but most do not. Ok, as I always say, a picture is worth 1000 words, so let’s look at some pictures.

I am not aware of and marigold stretch glass made by Central, so we start with a few examples by Diamond.

All of these examples are Adam’s Rib by Diamond. All of these pieces are hard to find with the large comport being “only one known” Most of us would be pleased to own any of these items.

Let’s take a look at some nice marigold by Fenton. These are all from their bath items line. They also made candy jars, vases, plates, bowls, candleholders, nut cups, inidv salts and more in marigold, so one can collect quite a variety of Fenton items in Marigold or Grecian Gold, as Fenton called it.

There is also quite a bit of Imperial stretch glass in marigold, although Imperial didn’t call it marigold. Some of you most likely have the Chesterfield pitcher, cover and tumbler sets.

I’ll share some other marigold stretch glass with you another night. This is a good start and gives you some idea of what we have found in marigold stretch glass.

While we are discussing Marigold carnival glass, I wonder if Fenton wheel-etched iridized glass such as is pictured here is included in anyone’s carnival glass collection? Stretch glass collectors include this in our collections because it was made in the same shapes and timeframe as stretch glass; it seems to me that it also goes very nicely with marigold carnival glass. What do you all say about that?