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2018.09.18 Tuesday Stretch

Russell and Kitty here for Stretch Tuesday. Today, we are going to look at the Top 10 Celeste Blue Stretch Glass Pieces. As with our other lists of top ten stretch glass pieces, these are totally our options. Once again, it is difficult to choose ten stretch glass pieces as there are a number of other pieces that could easily be included. Without a doubt the celeste Tornado Vase is the real number one piece of stretch glass.

1. Fenton Celeste Plaid Bowl

2. U.S. Glass Field Thistle 12” Vase – so far only one known

3. Diamond Adam’s Rib Juice Glass – so far only one known

4. Fenton Expanded Diamond Vase made from the perfume – so far only one known

5. Northwood 20” Funeral Vase – someone said there might be a second one?

6. Fenton Vintage 3 in 1 edge 10” bowl

7. Fenton Gift Store Sign

8. Fenton Powder Jar – voted the rarest piece of stretch glass by the SGS

9. Diamond Vases Frosted Buttons cut Design

10. Fenton Vintage Ruffled Sauce

Happy Stretch and carnival glass hunting,
Russell and Kitty