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2018.08.28 Tuesday Stretch

Russell & Kitty here for Stretch Tuesday. Still working on our yard, but can’t resist a challenge from Tom Mordini. Tom is giving us a glimpse of the past with Don Moore’s lists of rare carnival glass by color. Oh, how well we do remember Don’s love of rare carnival. Of course at that time, we had no idea of how rare some carnival glass was and other pieces turned out not to be so rare.

In the early 70’s to be someone in the carnival glass world, you had to have a Farmyard bowl. That brings us to another point that gave us many conversations with Don Moore and our “family” of West Coast carnival glass collectors. Rare carnival and stretch glass (all collectables) doesn’t mean that it is worth thousands of dollars. Many times rare glass is low priced as it is rare (no one knows about the piece or maybe it isn’t pretty), but not desirable. There are lots of Farmyard bowls, but they are desirable and most are very pretty so they hold their value.

White Stretch Glass Top Ten in our option:

1. Dance of the Veils by Fenton

2. Pineapple by Fenton

3. Big Cookies Basket by Fenton

4. Coin Spot by Diamond

5. Diamond Punch Bowl Set with Fenton Cups

6. Cut Oval Candlesticks by Fenton

7. Large pitcher with a topaz handle by Diamond

8. Brooklyn Juice Pitcher by Fenton

9. Persian Pearl Candlestick with blue painted rings #549 by Fenton

10. Optic and Buttons by Imperial

Thought that we would have problems finding 10 white (Fenton called their white stretch Persian Pearl) stretch glass pieces. Have another 12 pieces that should be included with this list, but we did stop with the challenge of 10 pieces. Tom Mordini, we hope you are happy with our stretch glass list.

Happy stretch and carnival glass collecting,

Russell and Kitty