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2017.12.05 Tuesday Stretch

Yes, it’s that time again! Tuesday Stretch! BugDoc Dave here with this week’s stretch. I took some interest in the recent discussion of the Imperial optic rays (some call them smooth panels or narrow rays) sherbets and under plates. There is an entire line of these that Imperial made and many of these pieces have the stretch effect. The small, 6-inch plate was sold with the sherbet as their #499. Stretch glass collectors know these in ruby/amberina and Green Ice (teal). The amberina ones are often very yellow with just a hint of red

I have always expected to find this set in Iris Ice (crystal), Rose Ice (marigold) or Blue Ice (smoke), but these sherbets with these colors are only known in the wide panel (#600 Chesterfield) design. There are also examples of amber (Amber Ice), and wisteria (Amethyst Ice) sherbets in the #600 line.

There are two larger plates that use the rib optic design, #805 is the 8-inch salad plate, and #808 is a whopping 12-inches wide. Unfortunately, these two plates are most commonly seen in Green Ice (teal) and Iris Ice (crystal). I keep hoping to find these in ruby or the other colors! The 12-inch plates are impressive!

I’ve seen several larger bowls with these optic rays, but none have the stretch effect, just “plain” iridescence! LOL!