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2017.04.18 Tuesday Stretch

BugDoc Dave here. Well stretch glass collectors don’t have to be green with envy as it’s Tuesday Stretch again, and the BugDoc is going to show off some green stretch! Of course Brian is moving on to light purples, so, hopefully, Russell or Cal can do that color in stretch.

All of the major stretch glass making companies made green stretch, except for Imperial, though they called one of their Art Glass Line colors, Pearl Green. The base glass is a light clambroth, but the iridescence reflects light green tones.

Northwood made a few green pieces, but they are dark emerald green, not the Florentine Green type that Central, Diamond, Fenton and U.S. Glass made. Northwood also made Russet which is kind of an olive-yellow-green.

I’m going to include Fenton’s #604 punch bowl, crimped, and base in Florentine green plus a full set of cups!

One of my favorite Central sets is a console set with gold painted glue-chip decoration.

Diamond made a fair amount of green stretch but I’ll have to say that I really like the Adam’s Rib pieces.

U.S. Glass made several greens, a normal Florentine type, a translucent to opaque green, and a slag green. Of course, the slag green (which we think they called Nile Green) pieces are very rare and pretty pricey.

Even Jeannette made a green, but we only know of a couple of pieces in their kind of muddy green.

Finally, we have some really light green Vineland pieces which Cal successfully dubbed “Coke bottle green” for obvious reasons! LOL!