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2016.10.25 Tuesday Stretch


Cal here from Cleveland where I’ve been at “The Gathering” of glass enthusiasts sponsored annually by the Museum of American Glass in WV (if you haven’t been to Weston, WV to see the 25,000+ pieces of glass on display, I hope you will consider adding it to your travel schedule). We toured Cleveland on Friday and saw a number of the incredible stained glass windows and glass murals as well as the glass roof on The Arcade building which was built in 1890.


On Saturday there was a full day of seminars on various types of glass and collectibles including one on stretch glass. Once again Dave Shetlar (Bugdoc), Renee Shetlar and I presented the story of stretch glass along with a display of more than 50 pieces of stretch glass to an enthusiastic group of glass collectors. One of the other seminars was on Hallowe’en collectibles. Take a look at this collection – which includes some Tangerine stretch glass.



This got me thinking about how to incorporate our favorite glassware into our Hallowe’en party. For stretch glass collectors, this is a perfect holiday. Whether you collect stretch glass or carnival glass, we probably all have some glass that is florescent under a black light. We may also have Tangerine stretch glass from Fenton and Amber, Grecian Gold or Marigold stretch glass from several companies, all of which is perfect for this holiday especially when paired with Egyptian Lustre stretch glass from Diamond. Any combination of this orange, gold and black glass will create an awesome table for serving the goodies at your Hallowe’en party. Take a look at these pics and see how much fun we can have with our glass. The first photo is Topaz stretch glass under black lights. This was one of the displays at “The Gathering”. What an awesome look for Hallowe’en.


Here are a few photos of our stretch glass “in service” at Hallowe’en .






And with that, I will leave you to a week of discussions. If you have photos of how you incorporate your stretch or carnival glass into celebrating Hallowe’en, please share them this week. Or just share some of your Tangerine, Grecian Gold, Marigold, Amber or Egyptian Lustre stretch or carnival glass. Happy Hallowe’en to all.