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2016-08-16 Tuesday Stretch


RED, White and Blue (Teal) is inspired by the Olympic Games in Rio. We are enjoying the games. It is so nice to see the dedicated young people that are representing the USA. We appreciate all of the struggles that they have endured to get to the Olympics. When they win the medal the anthem is played, they stand tall and are so proud that they put their hand on their heart and many of them sing along.


Chesterfield #600 Pitchers and Tumblers are the topic for this Stretch Tuesday.

Red, white, teal and also marigold are the colors that we know of for the pitchers and tumblers. Anyone have any pitchers and tumblers in any other colors? Way back in the “dark ages” in the 1970’s we attended both the American Carnival Glass Convention and the International Carnival Glass Convention. Someone had a display with the American flag and the Imperial Chesterfield #600 red, white, and teal pitchers and tumblers. Fell in love with that display; we said to each other that someday we wanted to be able to have a similar display. After all of this time, this year we were able to purchase the red pitcher! Now we need the lids! Anyone have any for sale? That is the fun and challenge of collecting – we are always looking for pieces to complete the sets; so glad we don’t collect breakfast sets! Gives us a reason to go to shows, flea markets, etc.! Besides look at all of the exercise we get!


Photo #1 Chesterfield #600 marigold pitcher; #2 shows the frontal view of the lid: #3 Base of the pitcher and tumbler

Barb Chamberlain has written an outstanding article in The Carnival Glass Pump; the magazine for the International Carnival Glass Association, Inc. June 2016 issue. The Carnival Glass Pump has outstanding articles; it is well worth the price of the dues.

You never know when you are going to find a nice piece of carnival or stretch glass. Last weekend we helped put on the Federation Bottle Show in Sacrament, CA. Russell was in charge of the displays which ranged from the iridescent Benicia bottles to Sandwich glass. We had 215 dealers from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, and three from Canada as well all over the USA. We found a beautiful ice green Peacocks on the Fence plate. You just never know when or where you are going to find carnival or stretch glass!!!


We are still celebrating our Stretch Glass’s 100th anniversary this year. We are just trying to help everyone be aware of stretch glass.

Happy carnival and stretch glass collecting,
Russell and Kitty Umbraco