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2016.05.03 Tuesday Stretch


Once again, it is STRETCH TUESDAY

So what does a 1920’s through 1930’s Limousine, a 1930’s Sedan and a new (2015) VW have in common? They have Automobile (Car) Flower Vases!!!

An elegant addition to any sedan or limousine of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Pairs were usually located on the opposite pillars behind the driver’s seat. These were usually after-market extras, with the major supplier being Benzer, (many are signed Benzer and some with a backward Z in benzer), by the Diamond Glass manufacturer. Diamond was the major stretch glass manufacturer of the car vases. The carnival glass car vases have been attributed mainly to Dugan.

The patterned carnival glass car vases are mainly found in marigold and very rarely in a marigold/smoke color. The iridescent stretch glass car vases come in white, marigold, topaz, green, celeste blue and are rare in cobalt blue (smooth stretch finish) as well as rare in a cobalt blue crackle finish.

In carnival glass auctions, the Crackle and the Blossoms and Band car vases go for very little. But on eBay, both of the carnival glass car vases go for more money. So who is buying all of these carnival glass car vases? They are what we call “Cross over/dual” collectibles. Car collectors want the old car vases to go in their old cars! There are new car vases on the market, but we haven’t seen any in iridescent colors.
So how do you display the car vases (even in an old car)? Upside down unless you have a metal holder. The holders (brackets) come in different sizes and shapes so it can be fun looking for the correct holder. Car vases with holders can bring premium prices over plain car vases without holders.

If you are lucky to get a ride in a car with car vases, what happens when going around a curve or turn a corner? You get a bath- didn’t expect that did you? If the top of the car vase is cupped in, no bath-you stay dry

Blossom & Band




Blue Iridescent




Cobalt Blue Crackle

Happy stretch glass hunting!

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