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Peacock and Urn, Millersburg-Pat #9

There are actually 5 different moulds that were used for the Millersburg Peacock pattern (and another 5 for the Millersburg Peacock & Urn!). The easiest identifier (once you know it’s Millersburg): Peacock has no bee, Peacock & Urn has a bee.
Pictured here is Ron Britt’s drawing of the fourth variation of Millersburg Peacock & Urn (called Pat #9 or Millersburg Peacock & Urn Shotgun). Whenever possible, this information will be added to the database as part of the pattern name. If you click on a version, you will be taken to the page listing the features of that variation (compiled by Ron Britt). Click here for the Summary Page of Features for all 10 Millersburg Patterns.

There is only one size of this mould, measuring 7 1/2 inches.


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