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Zippered Stitch, Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown
Year(s) of Production: [infobar select=”DISTINCT yearofmanufacture” mfg=”Unknown” pattern=”Zippered Stitch”]
Pattern Description: [infobar select=”DISTINCT patterndescription” mfg=”Unknown” pattern=”Zippered Stitch”]
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About Zippered Stitch

Zipper-like teeth run in alternating panels on this pattern. The manufacturer and date of this pattern is unknown; the iridescence is very light marigold (and could be mineral water colored). There is a shaker book with the pattern listed as ‘Serrated Rib’, but no further information is known. The pattern is also reminiscent of ‘Iowa’ (aka Paneled Zipper) by US Glass which was produced in 1900 and their pattern # 15069. It is extremely limited in the amount of reported shapes.


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