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Woodpecker and Ivy, Millersburg

Manufacturer: Millersburg
Year(s) of Production: 1909-1911
Pattern Description: A woodpecker hugs the side of the vase, while four Ivy leaves circle the top and flow down to a bark-like pattern.
Similar Patterns: Millersburg Acorn

About Woodpecker and Ivy

Shards of this pattern were found in the Millersburg diggings, and it is a beautiful realistic design on a 6″ vase. The top is somewhat raggedly sawtooth (the teeth are not all the same height). The pattern consists of some small Ivy type leaves at the top of the vase, with bark-like designs going from the base up the side to the Ivy, and a vertical bird hugging the side with its beak poking into a branch. They are highly collectible and seldom seen, currently only reported in marigold and vaseline.


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