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Windmill, Imperial

Manufacturer: Imperial
Year(s) of Production: 1915-1923 Butler Bros Catalog
Pattern Description: A single windmill in a landscaped design sits in the interior of various sized bowls which are collar based. On pitchers and tumblers this design sits in several large ovals that go around the pieces (under the spout there is a fisherman in a boat).
Similar Patterns: Imperial Double Dutch, Homestead

About Windmill

A highly detailed scene shows the mold makers skill: the central windmill has trees, a stone bridge, wooden fence and even a church type building with a steepled roof. The original pattern was listed as #514. This pattern was also reproduced in the 1960's through the 1980's, and the pieces should be marked with IG, LIG, ALIG, or S with a circle trademarks.

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Windmill Bowls (includes large bowls & sauce bowls)
Windmill Oval Dresser Tray/Pickle Dish (same mold):
Windmill Water Sets (includes Pitchers,Tumblers):