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Western Thistle, Riihimaki

Manufacturer: Riihimaki
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About Western Thistle

Riihimaki is a Finnish Company. Western Thistle pieces have ground bases, and pattern is on the exterior only. It is often confused with Grand Thistle, but is easily identified by the rows of diamonds at the bottom (Grand Thistle only has leaves below the flower). A tumbler called Banded Western Thistle has a plain band at the top and the leaves go opposite (right to left). There are some shapes not often seen, including an 8″ bowl, a creamer and a spittoon. Other available shapes are:

  • Vase (see vase-wt)
  • Water Set(including Pitchers and Tumblers) (see wset-wt)

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Western Thistle vases:
Western Thistle Water sets (includes Pitcher/Tumblers):