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Waffle Block, Imperial

Manufacturer: Imperial
Year(s) of Production: [infobar select=”DISTINCT yearofmanufacture” mfg=”Imperial” pattern=”Waffle Block”]
Pattern Description: [infobar select=”DISTINCT patterndescription” mfg=”Imperial” pattern=”Waffle Block”]
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About Waffle Block

The original pattern name was #698. This pattern was produced in many shapes, designed to be used, they all have plain interiors. There are scarce Nut Bowls, Rose Bowls, & Sherbets as well as those listed below. The reported shapes include:

Baskets (handled) (see basket-waffle)
Bowls ( (Round and Square) (see bowl-waffle)
Breakfast Sets (including Creamer/Sugar) (see bset-waffle)
Cup and Saucers (see cupsaucer-waffle)
Plates(including Chop plate) (see plate-waffle)
Punch Sets (including Punch Bowl, Cups) (see punchset-waffle)
Spittoons (see spittoon-waffle)
Water Sets (including Pitcher/Tumbler) (see wset-waffle)

HoC Pricing Database

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Waffle Block Baskets:
Waffle Block Bowls:
Waffle Block Breakfast Sets (includes Creamer/Sugar):
Waffle Block Cup/Saucers:
Waffle Block Plates:
Waffle Block Punch Sets (includes Base, Bowl & Cups):
Waffle Block Spittoons:
Waffle Block Water Sets (includes Pitcher/Tumbler):