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Wheat Sheaf, Cambridge

Manufacturer: Cambridge
Year(s) of Production: Approx 1910
Pattern Description: AKA Near Cut, this geometric pattern is seen in a cologne and a rare whiskey decanter. The detail contains hobstars, arches and inverted fan forms that appear to be hanging sheafs of wheat.

About Wheat Sheaf
This pattern is part of Cambridge's Near Cut grouping. The 6 oz cologne was in their catalog as #2660 (shown here on the Nearcut-Novelties2 page), while the exceptionally rare 32 oz whiskey decanter was #2696. Both of these items were blown molded and have a pontil in the middle of the bottom (they are not ‘ground' pontils which would have been smoothed off, but rough pontils). A pontil is a mark created when the punty (a long metal stick) was detached from the glass piece – the tool used to hold the piece while it was being molded, sprayed and heated). View Cambridge-pontil.

There are many similar looking ‘near cut' type geometric patterns. Imperial Glass company made a tremendous amount of geometric patterns as did US Glass. The unique shape of the cologne will help you identify this pattern. And the only other whiskey decanter with a geometric pattern is the Cambridge Near Cut (which has the a different shape, having a more bulbous bottom and a thinner body).

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Cambridge Wheat Sheaf base pontils.: These molded pieces were put on a punty (long stick) when they were being blown; when broken off, it left a rough pontil mark in the base.

Wheat Sheaf Cologne:
Wheat Sheaf Decanter: