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Tribal, Jain

Manufacturer: Jain
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1935
Pattern Description: 4 separate rows have unique motifs.The bottom has triangles with dots in each open space,then a row of oblong circles with dots,a row of diagonal lines with an 8 pointed flower,and a simple half flower on top.
Similar Patterns: Jain CB Vase, GOA,Herbal Medicine, Potted Flowers
About Tribal

Jain is a India glass company. There are a group of vases which are called GOA vases after the island of Goa where the first examples in this style were found. These vases are very thin and have a classic hourglass shape. The names of the other vases from this style are CB vase, GOA vase, Herbal Medicine and Potted Flowers vase. Like many of the Jain glass pieces the prices are not very strong, as when they were first introduced to the US. Stands about 6″ tall.

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