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Tree Bark, Jeannette

Manufacturer: Jeannette
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About Tree Bark

This pattern is late carnival glass and closer to the depression era, advertising is found in the 1927 Butler Bros catalog.Colors are mostly marigold but purple, amber and aqua have been reported. It was Jeannette’s Finlandia pattern and also know as Crepe. The texture is very similar to crepe paper.

There is a similar pattern (probably made in the 1960’s) by Anchor Hocking called Soreno (pattern is horizontal) and Jeannette did a Tree Bark Variant water set and 4 sizes of glasses (pitcher has an ice lip, pattern all the way to the top; tumblers are 6 7/8″, 6 1/4″, 5″ and a juice at 3 5/8″, all tumblers are quite straight sided).

The reported shapes include:

Bowls(2 molds) (see bowl-treebark)
Candlesticks (two versions) (see cndlestick-treebark)
Compotes ( (see ccandy-treebark)
Mugs (see plate-treebark)
Salts (see vase-treebark)
Water Sets (including Pitcher/Tumbler) (see waterset-treebark)

HoC Pricing Database

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Tree Bark Bowls:
Tree Bark Candlesticks:
Tree Bark Covered Candy:
Tree Bark Plate:
Tree Bark Vases:
Tree Bark Water Sets (includes Pitcher/Tumbler):