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Strawberry Wreath (Millersburg Strawberry), Millersburg

Strawberry Wreath, which some refer to as Millersburg Strawberry, uses essentially the same design as Millersburg’s Blackberry Wreath and Grape Wreath patterns except that this one has no center detail other than a tiny dot on some shapes. No plates are known, but the bowls are often shaped in unusual ways, including tricorner and square. On the right is an unusual Strawberry Wreath bowl that has been whimsied into a gravy boat shape. It’s the only one known in vaseline and owned by Carl and Eunice Booker. Another is known in green.

Strawberry Wreath compotes have a short stem and can be found in a variety of edge shapes. In addition, some seem to be early pieces which did not have stippling in one of the leaves.