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Sea Thistle, Sowerby

Manufacturer: Sowerby
Year(s) of Production: Unknown
Pattern Description: An inverted scroll shape with rays that extend to the top of the piece, they are placed around the body. The rest of the exterior space is filled with a cane like pattern. The bottom has a band of thistle like design around the bottom.
Similar Patterns: Sowerby Pineapple and Bows
About Sea Thistle

This pattern is also known as Cane and Scroll. It is known in a creamer and open sugar; the open sugar is sometimes ruffled or shaped into a rosebowl. The pattern is on the exterior and the interior is plain. The creamer is about 4 1/4″ high and about 4″ across from the spout to the end of handle. It has a collar base. The bowls stand about 3 1/4″ tall and are about 5 1/2″ across; they are found cupped in, flared or with 6 ruffles. The edge is sawtooth and the bottom is collar base with a large rayed star in the marie.

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