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Scroll Embossed, Sowerby

Manufacturer: Sowerby
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About Scroll Embossed

It is believed that Sowerby Scroll Embossed pattern was copied from the Imperial pattern with the same name. The ash tray shape is really considered a bonbon or sweet dish. This shape has four handles that remind people of place to put cigarettes. The bowl itself measures 4 1/2″ while handle to handle measures 6″ across. The “ash tray” shape has little scallops around the edge. The scroll embossed pattern is on the interior and the exterior is Jewelled Peacock, File or Four Handles. The small bowl measures about 5 1/2″ across, and is about 1 5/8″ high. There are 6 ruffles with a sawtooth edge. The interior has the scroll embossed pattern while the exterior has rays with diamond like shapes at the bottom and top. The bottom is ground with a star pattern. This bowl is easy to tell the difference from Imperial, this exterior is Prism & Cane (not Imperial’s File). The scroll embossed pattern is also found on the interior of Sowerby’s Diving Dolphins bowls and rosebowls.

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