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Scales, Westmoreland

Manufacturer: Westmoreland
Year(s) of Production: 1909 Butler Bros Catalog
Pattern Description: With a small rayed star in the center, raised scales cover the rest of the interior.
Similar Patterns: Dugan Honeycomb and Beads, Fishscales and Beads.
About Scales

The pattern is on the interior of bowls and plates and the exterior is plain. There are two sizes of plates. The smaller plates are about 6″ while the larger plates are about 8″-9″. The smaller plates are usually round while the larger plates have small scallops on the edge. The bowls are also found in two sizes, 6″ and 8″-9″. Bowls can be ICS and 6 ruffles. There are some whimseys made from plates into a tri-cornered bowl and 2 sides up into a banana dishes.

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