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Wishbone and Spades – Dugan by Ingrid Spurrier

This is from the Hooked on Carnival daily mailing list dated 7-17-2021 and reprinted with permission from Ingrid Spurrier.

From: Ingrid
Hi Brian and All,

I’m running a little behind today.

Back at pretty. I’m showing my large Wishbone and Spades pieces. The eight ruffled bowl is definitely a favourite. The ics bowls (or maybe master ice cream) are a favoured shaped of mine. The tri-corners kind of fit into the scarce, or scarcer theme. The peach opal is actually my second. I’m not aware of another purple.

The three peach opal bowls make kind of an interesting display…three cornered, to two sides up, to just round… The two sides up bowl does sit well with my purple chop plate. I do like peach opal. I thought I might also like to have a peach opal chop plate. Then, I looked at the Database. Speaking of Seldom Seen… I don’t think I’m holding out too much hope there. Still, stranger things have happened.

Take care All, Ingrid.