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Ski Star Edge Treatments – Dugan

By Hooked on Carnival

Dugan was the manufacturer of Ski Star, and it comes in baskets, berry sets (large bowl and sauce bowl), standard bowls and plates (found in both small and standard size). In a carnival glass pattern this is not a lot of shapes, but what Dugan did with these shapes is what we find interesting.

Let’s start with baskets. All baskets have a dome footed base just like the standard size bowl.  They simply took the standard size bowl and made it 2 sides up, then added a handle.  If you think of it, this is really an interesting way to make another shape and still use the same mold – just add a handle!

Ski Star Basket

Bowls are the most plentiful shape in this pattern, and they come in 3 sizes (large, standard and sauce), each having their own unique edge treatments.  When a large bowl and at least one sauce are combined it is called a berry set, so there was another way to market this pattern. 


Large bowls and sauces have a collar base.  Sauces are usually about 5 to 6 inches wide and large bowls are about 10 to 11 inches wide.  Sauces come 6 ruffled and 8 ruffled with smooth edge.  The large bowls also come in 6 ruffled and 8 ruffled and most have a smooth edge, but a few do have a beaded edge.