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Ski Star – Dugan by Ingrid Spurrier

This information is from the daily Hooked on Carnival mail list dated 7-17-2021 and reprinted with permission from Ingrid Spurrier.

Hi Brian and All,

I did say I was going to show you the little treasure I found at Saturday’s soggy outdoor antique show:  a very dark, purple Ski Star eight ruffled sauce.  It was a bit dingy, but, after soaking overnight in tepid water with a healthy dose of dishwashing liquid, it polished up with lots of nice colour.  It sits quite well with my large six ruffled purple bowl.  As you can see, looking at the Compass backs, my purple pieces are pretty dark.  I’ve had the handgrip plate for quite a few years now.  It’s not the one in the Database.

The peach opals vary quite a bit.  The smooth edge tri-corner is pretty pumpkiny.  The tce plate is very pastel and the crimped edge, two sides up, is fairly standard.  They also have variations in the amount and opacity of the opal.  It was interesting looking up peach opal standard plates.  The Database shows 29 handgrips and only 4 crimped edge, and, you can get one of them for a song, if you can find it.

Carl B, I meant to answer yesterday…back in the day (again?) when the internet was yet to be dreamt of and books were hard to come by (John and Lucille at conventions) I learned a great deal from listening to Tom Burns at his auctions.  I do remember, regarding Apple Blossom Twigs, that there were three “variations”…sawtooth edge with a Basketweave back;  smooth edge with a Basketweave back, and, the scarcest variation, smooth edge with a Plain (smooth) back.   This might be where your confusion comes from.

Take care, All.