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Rosalind (Millersburg)-Size ID (Large or Standard)

Millersburg Rosalind Bowls – Large or Standard size?                                Hooked on Carnival

If you’re looking at a photo of a Millersburg Rosalind bowl and can’t tell if it’s Large (usually 9-10”) or Standard (normally 8-9”), here’s a hint (until someone comes up with an easier way):

Starting at the first set of double arches, count the tongues (or arrows) on one panel.
If there are 9, it’s a Large bowl in the 9-10” range.

If there are 8 tongues (or arrows), it’s a Standard size bowl in the 8-9” range.

Both sizes have 8 panels of tongues/arrows and 8 panels of 5 sets of double rings.
And both have 16 ‘petals’ on the interior flower.
Dimensions MAY fall outside of the normal range, but the number of tongue’s arrows can be used as another identifier.
So far, the only available difference (when you can’t measure them) is the number of tongues in a row.