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Reproductions – Acanthus Old

From Elaine Blair’s Reproductions At-A-Glance (full article here)

Our definition of a reproduction is a pattern using the same mold (or a mold very similar to the original) that could confuse collectors.

“The following is a compilation of information from a variety of sources…standard references in the carnival glass field, information shared by the members of the Hooked on Carnival daily newsletter, and personal experience.”


Original Manufacturer

Manufacturer of Reproduction

Reproduced Pieces

Color of Reproductions



Imperial (pattern similar to Leaf Tiers)

bowl, plate

B, A, G, M

Fenton (original Acanthus pattern)

basket, bowl, plate

Celeste blue

Key to Color Codes

AO  = aqua opal IBO   = ice blue opal R                = red
A     =  amethyst G      = green Vas            = Vaseline
B     =  blue GO   = green opal Vas Opal  = Vaseline opal
BA   = black amethyst M      = marigold W               = white
BO   = blue opal P       = purple WO            = white opal
IB     =  ice blue R       = red