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Petal and Fan – Dugan by Ingrid Spurrier

This information is from the daily Hooked on Carnival mail list dated 7-17-2021 and reprinted with permission from Ingrid Spurrier.

From: Ingrid
Hi Brian and All,

Dugan iridescence can be fabulous, and, underwhelming…I have both. I may show a couple of the latter at some point. Tonight, Petal and Fan, all pretty nice if I do say so…

I don’t currently have any white pieces, something I will have to remedy. I do have a very nice eight ruffled pastel marigold and bright marigolds in master ice cream and six ruffled. I was very happy to get each of them. My six ruffled peach opal is quite dark and involved a bit of a bidding battle. The purple bowls, eight and six ruffled I am lucky to have.

You’ve seen the little crimped plate before. I’m quite pleased with the eight ruffled purple and peach opal berries/sauces. The electric marigold little beauty came from Australia via eBay. I could not pass that up!

Beautiful glass can improve your mood, and, it’s even better when you can share it with friends who also appreciate it.

Take care All, Ingrid.