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Millersburg Fish Patterns

Which Fish?      


Millersburg Big Fish and Trout & Fly Bowls

So you found yourself a Millersburg fish – how easy it is it to tell whether it’s a Big Fish or if it’s a Trout & Fly?

As seen above in the picture on the right: First, the most obvious thing is that the Trout & Fly has an insect (aka Fly) directly in front of his mouth. The Big Fish apparently ate his already, since there is no evidence of a bug near him.

Secondly, the Trout & Fly has two leaves beneath his head that are bent over to the left.

Third – the Trout & Fly has a really interesting gill – it’s a big half circle (the Big Fish is almost just a continuation of the head).

Fourth, the Trout & Fly’s inside tail fin is just about touching the 4-petaled flower – the Big Fishes flower is way up toward the top of the pattern.

They are most definitely totally different molds. The foliage is also very different when you look at the detail.

How scarce are they? And is one more scarce than the other? Looking at the Hooked on Carnival Pricing Database on November 11th 2019,  a total of 450 bowls sold in both Trout and Fly and Big Fish. The Trout and Fly are found about 75% more often than Big Fish. It’s interesting that both are most often found in Amethyst/Purple & Marigold, but the Trout & Fly is much more often found in Green as well.

Guess we’d better start fishing!!