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Imperial NUART Plates (Part 2) – Gary Senkar

I am sending some additional/new images from Imperial catalogs and price lists pertaining to the 524 & 525 plates.

I have included the catalog description of the plates from 103B as well as those that appeared in earlier catalogs. It may be difficult to read in the PDF. I do find it funny that a rim also existed on virtually all of Imperial’s carnival plates and bowls.

FROM CATALOGS February 1913 Supplement No. 1 to general catalog dated January 1912 and 101B

Real Novelties!
These two plates have a rim on the back, which makes it possible to hang them to the wall, just like a china plaque. If put in the proper light, these satin finished iridescent pictures form very beautiful wall decorations.


These 524 and 525 picture plates have a rim on the back, which makes it possible to hang them to the wall, just like a china plaque- A very striking wall decoration, especially in the satin color.

Some observations and comments on these plates:

Finishes – The only catalog that mentioned carnival finishes on these plates was Catalog 103B; Rubigold, Azur and Helios. All other catalog offerings were probably stretch finishes. That is not to say that carnival finished plates were not or could not have been offered.

The 1913 catalog and 101B list dark amethyst and green satin. Pearl White, Pearl Ruby and Pearl Green finishes were introduced on Nuart lighting shades in 1912 and the words satin and crizzled were used as descriptors of these finishes.

Catalog 103B, ca. 1917, lists the three mentioned carnival finishes as well as “a high grade dark crizzled satin effect”. Note that the corresponding price book lists this finish as P.A. which undoubtedly stands for Pearl Amethyst which was introduced on Imperial Art Glass (Jewels) in 1916.

The Supplement to Bargain Book and Catalog 200 each list three finishes from the Ice line -a stretch line that was introduced ca. 1921-1922.

Prices – I only have price lists for three of the catalogs discussed. The price list dated Dec. 1, 1916 for 101B lists the plates at $2.00 and $2.50 in barrel lots. The price list dated Sep. 1, 1917 for 103B lists three carnival finishes from $5.40 to $6.60 and the plates in P.A. (dark crizzled satin) are listed at $12.00. I have a second undated price list for 103B in which all prices are about 50% higher than the dated price list. Both of the 103B price lists undoubtedly reflect increased costs during the war.
The catalog 200 (ca, 1926-1927) price list again shows three Ice finishes at $2.50 – rolled back prices to the 1916 level.

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