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Imperial Morning Glory or Curled Rib vase?

These two patterns by Imperial can be confusing, but here is the easiest way to differentiate:

Morning Glory has a ‘loop’ at the bottom that makes two ribs that go up the sides to the top. The vases are found in 3 sizes: the funeral and mid-size vase have 8 points and the miniature has 6 points. The funeral vase has a base that measures about 5” across and has either a ‘snowflake’ or a 48-point star. The mid-size vase will measure about 3 7/8” across the base and it has a 16-point star (and this is the only size that is found with a JIP edge treatment).
But in all cases for the Morning Glory vases, on all of the sizes, the ‘ribs’ will always loop at the bottom.

In this old catalog page (found in Margaret and Douglas Archer’s ‘Imperial Glass Co. Nucut and Nuart’), you can see the ‘scallops’ at the bottom that make up the loops. The left and right side of the loop make up one rib.

One interesting thing to note about this catalog page– although the vases are found in both clear glass and carnival glass, there have been very, very few of the ‘bowl’ pictured on the top right. It is typically called a flower arranger (and has been reported as a ‘Wishbone Flower Arranger’).

Curled Rib is a totally different mold that has 8 ribs that start near the bottom and go to a point. Each rib is ONE line (that turns in the mold) going from top to bottom. It is only found in one base size (2 7/8”) and the base has a 20-point star. The JIP style of edge treatment is found on about 2/3 of the Curled Rib vases sold in either color: Marigold or Smoke.

If you can’t tell by looking at the ribs, flip it over and count the points on the star.