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Hobnail Soda Gold, Crackle and Soda Gold

Soda Gold, Crackle or is it Hobnail Soda Gold?

While researching the Soda Gold pattern and looking at old Hartung books we found a pattern called Hobnail Soda Gold. Most auctioneers have been calling the Hobnail Soda Gold patterns just Soda Gold or Crackle, but there are many differences in the three patterns

This is a page from the Hartung Book 5 Page 111 showing the Hobnail Soda Gold Pattern.

This is a picture of the Hobnail Soda Gold spittoon.

This picture shows both the Crackle and Soda Gold side by side.

After seeing them all on the same page it is easy to see the differences, proving that, as in most cases, a picture is worth a thousand words.