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Is it Grapevine Lattice or Lattice and Grape?


Hooked on Carnival research team


Sometimes what is obvious to one collector is not so obvious to another. A great example would be the Grapevine Lattice and the Lattice and Grape patterns.

Let’s take a look at the pitcher in this pattern: when both pitchers are side by side it is easy to tell the difference. But when you see them in an antique mall or at an auction it may not be as easy. Dugan makes Grapevine Lattice and Fenton made Lattice and Grape – the pitchers are very tall (called tankard shape).


The photo below shows two water sets. Maybe the easiest way to tell them apart is that if the pitcher has grapes, then it is Lattice and Grape.


If you look at the tumblers, the same is true: if it has grapes, then it is Lattice and Grape.


Hopefully this helps you in your easy identification of these patterns! Good luck!