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Five Hearts – Dugan by Ingrid Spurrier

This information is from the daily Hooked on Carnival mail list dated 7-16-2021 and reprinted with permission from Ingrid Spurrier.

From: Ingrid
Hi Brian and All,

Next, kind of an apology…I did threaten to share some underwhelming iridescence. So, my lavender Five Hearts. Every one that I have seen is flared, non-ruffled, and has a dull, light goldish or silvery iridescence. Has anyone seen an example with a ruffle or ten, and Dugan worthy iridescence?

The marigold pieces are much prettier and come in more shapes including the scarce rosebowls, which are only known in marigold…so far.

Tomorrow I’ll try for pretty again.

Take care All, Ingrid.